With over 75 years of business experience, the ISA team is more than qualified to help with your business solutions and exit strategy. Our experiences range from banking, residental and commercial  real estate transactions, franchising, resturants, human resources, and start ups, just to name a few. From micro-finance to mergers and acquisitions, our team has the best experience from mainstreet to wallstreet. Call today so we can help your next move be your best move!

Clarence J. Welton

Our Professional Business Brokers


Clarence J. Welton is the managing partner at INOJ Strategic Acquisitions LLC. His experiences range from retail banking in corporate America to international music placements in the music industry. Clarence has a passion for small business and venture capital. With his expertise in leadership and business coaching, Clarence has extensive business relationship resources that reach around the world. 

INOJ Strategic Acquisitions LLC