Business Listings

What's my business worth? How do I sell it? How long will it take? How much will it cost me? These are real questions that every business owner has considered. Here at ISA, we have experts that can help guide you through this very detailed process. Let us help you with your exit strategy today, so you can secure your legacy the way you desire it. Call us today and set an appointment so we can answer your questions in detail. Let us help your next business move be your best move.


INOJ Strategic Acquisitions LLC

Best Practices

Let us share with you best practices that increase your business KPIs, take the guest work out of your business multiple, and gain the confidence you need as a seller to get the best value for your company. 

Business brokers

We broker and co-broker business opportunities to maximize our clients selling market. We help create a competitve strategy to maximize value and visibility to qualified buyers.


With over 75 years of business experience, the ISA team is more than qualified to help with your business solutions and exit strategy.

INOJStrategic Acquisitions LLC